solving the stray cat and dog problem

Every summer in Canada it seems like we have a huge problem with stray cats and dogs on our city streets.  Every year the humane societies receive more animals than they can help.

Currently, we see a poor cat or dog on the street and feel obliged to help out – since they can’t help themselves.  We collect these poor animals and take them to the humane society, which does not have the resources to provide for them all.  As such, many will be euthanized anyways and be of no use to humans.

Rather than taking them all to these shelters, what if we send them all to a farm.  A farm where they can get all the food and water their bodies can handle.  The one’s that grow the fastest we can continue to breed, since after all they are the most useful.  Yes some will get sick and die off, but that’s life.

The females we can use to produce milk.  Yuk – cat milk is gross you might say.  Given a little bit of time, the scientists can add hormones, antibiotics, and other delicious food enhancers – like colour – to make the milk taste just like cows milk – which is obviously more natural.

stray dogsSince these once stray cats and dogs are now farm animals, they don’t have any rights.  Perfect!  Now we can start turning this problem into a billion dollar industry by breeding them, selling them, turning them into food and clothing.  The faster we can breed these cats and dogs, the more money we make.  Some may argue that we shouldn’t have the right to breed cats and dogs just to sell off as commodities.  Well, I made these cats and dogs so I have the right to do whatever I want.  After all they would have never existed in the first place if it wasn’t for me and my modern breeding techniques.

The beautiful thing about this solution is it converts those useless stray animals that roam our streets and go through our trash into something beneficial to us humans.  Cat and dog lovers may reject this idea, but unfortunately for them humans are higher up on the food chain – and we all need our protein right?

Now if you think that this whole “solution” is ridiculous and down right cruel, I couldn’t agree with you more.  However, the whole idea is not nearly as far fetched as you may think.  When you replace cat and dog with cow and pig you have factory farming.  Cat and dog equals cruel and inhumane, while cows and pigs in the same scenario equals billions of dollars in profits.

“Moving towards a world in which we love and respect all animals the way we love our pets”

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I am a vegan, type I diabetic and on a mission to train for and complete the 2015 Ironman Wisconsin on a 100% vegan diet. I hope to show others that animal protein is not required to live a healthy active lifestyle.