Wishing Well Sanctuary Bradford Ontario

Olivia diggin’ deep in that hay

On Saturday March 29th I had the great pleasure of visiting the Wishing Well Sanctuary in Bradford (45 minutes north of Toronto) Ontario.  It is the newest farm sanctuary in Ontario at only two and a half years old, yet you’d never know it by the number of animals loving life here.  The Wishing Well Sanctuary is more than a safe haven for neglected farm animals – it’s an oasis of discovery and development, repose and renewal, centre for personal growth, inner peace, healing and joy.

For me, it was the first time since I was a child to get that close to a cow.  I kind of forgot how big they really are – yet so kind and gentle at the same time.  Fun fact about cows: Did you know cows have best friends and become stressed if they are separated?

Millie at Wishing Well Sanctuary Bradford Ontario

I suspect this isn’t Millie’s first taste of denim

In addition to the cows – everybody in the tour was able to meet and interact with the chickens, goats, sheep, donkeys, bunnies, horses, pigs and even a llama.  To learn more about the animals living on the Wishing Well Sanctuary check out their bios here.  Or better yet, you can visit the farm on the last Saturday of each month.

What I really admired about the Wishing Well Sanctuary is they are very focused on education and awareness.  They have an on-site class room dedicated to humane education.
Humane educators don’t tell students which choices to make, but they teach them that their choices matter.” – Zoe Weil

Learn more about Wishing Well Sanctuary education programs here.

Wishing Well Farm Sanctuary Bradford Ontario

Ashli at the Wishing Well Sanctuary

All in all I’d like to thank Brenda, her team of volunteers, and the animals for all being so open and inviting us all into their homes.  I’d highly recommend you check out the sanctuary for yourself – tours are $10 by donation.  If you can’t make it to the sanctuary you can donate, volunteer, buy some merchandise, sponsor an animal or just share their information to your friends – all from wishingwellsantuary.org.  Every little bit helps.

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