A big part of my conversion to the vegan lifestyle was due to some great documentaries that showed me what I was buying, eating and supporting.   Here are five documentaries (in no particular order) that I think you will find very educational, and hopefully influential.

Forks Over Knives

Argues that most, if not all chronic diseases could be prevented or reversed by eating a whole foods plant based diet.



Follows 3 meat loving people as they eat a vegan diet for 6 weeks and learn about the hidden secrets of animal agriculture.


Peaceable Kingdom – The Journey Home

Follows farmers as they change their beliefs and attitudes towards animal farming and what they are doing to animals, as well as animal welfare rescuers as they work to save animals.



Very graphic documentary that looks at humans use of animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment and for scientific research.


Gary Yourofsky Speech on Veganims

Though not a documentary – it is a great speech that will probably make you rethink your relationship to animals.

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Founder at The Vegan Cow
I am a vegan, type I diabetic and on a mission to train for and complete the 2015 Ironman Wisconsin on a 100% vegan diet. I hope to show others that animal protein is not required to live a healthy active lifestyle.